Core Modules

These core modules are intended on being consistent across ports. Currently they are only implemented in the SAMD21 and ESP8266 ports. A module may not exist in a port if no underlying hardware support is present or if flash space is limited. For example, a microcontroller without analog features will not have analogio.

Support Matrix

NOTE 1: All Supported means the following ports are supported: SAMD21, SAMD21 Express, SAMD51, SAMD51 Express, and ESP8266.

NOTE 2: SAMD and/or SAMD Express without additional numbers, means both SAMD21 & SAMD51 versions are supported.

NOTE 3: The pIRkey SAMD21 board is specialized and may not have modules as listed below.

Module Supported Ports
analogio All Supported
audiobusio SAMD/SAMD Express
audioio SAMD Express
binascii ESP8266
bitbangio SAMD Express, ESP8266
board All Supported
busio All Supported
digitalio All Supported
gamepad SAMD Express, nRF
hashlib ESP8266
math All Supported
microcontroller All Supported
multiterminal ESP8266
neopixel_write All Supported
nvm SAMD Express
os All Supported
pulseio SAMD/SAMD Express
random All Supported
rotaryio SAMD51, SAMD Express
storage All Supported
struct All Supported
supervisor SAMD/SAMD Express
time All Supported
touchio SAMD/SAMD Express
uheap Debug (All)
usb_hid SAMD/SAMD Express