ScanEntry – BLE scan data

Encapsulates information about a device that was received during scanning. It can be advertisement or scan response data. This object may only be created by a _bleio.ScanResults: it has no user-visible constructor.

class _bleio.ScanEntry

Cannot be instantiated directly. Use _bleio.Adapter.start_scan.

matches(prefixes, *, all=True)

Returns True if the ScanEntry matches all prefixes when all is True. This is stricter than the scan filtering which accepts any advertisements that match any of the prefixes where all is False.


The address of the device (read-only), of type _bleio.Address.


All the advertisement data present in the packet, returned as a bytes object. (read-only)


The signal strength of the device at the time of the scan, in integer dBm. (read-only)


True if the device can be connected to. (read-only)


True if the entry was a scan response. (read-only)