_stage — C-level helpers for animation of sprites on a stage

The _stage module contains native code to speed-up the `stage Library <https://github.com/python-ugame/circuitpython-stage>`_. Libraries

_stage.render(x0, y0, x1, y1, layers, buffer, display[, scale[, background]])

Render and send to the display a fragment of the screen.

  • x0 (int) – Left edge of the fragment.
  • y0 (int) – Top edge of the fragment.
  • x1 (int) – Right edge of the fragment.
  • y1 (int) – Bottom edge of the fragment.
  • layers (list) – A list of the Layer objects.
  • buffer (bytearray) – A buffer to use for rendering.
  • display (Display) – The display to use.
  • scale (int) – How many times should the image be scaled up.
  • background (int) – What color to display when nothing is there.

There are also no sanity checks, outside of the basic overflow checking. The caller is responsible for making the passed parameters valid.

This function is intended for internal use in the stage library and all the necessary checks are performed there.