fontio – Core font related data structures

class fontio.BuiltinFont

A font built into CircuitPython

Creation not supported. Available fonts are defined when CircuitPython is built. See the Adafruit_CircuitPython_Bitmap_Font library for dynamically loaded fonts.

bitmap :displayio.Bitmap

Bitmap containing all font glyphs starting with ASCII and followed by unicode. Use get_glyph in most cases. This is useful for use with displayio.TileGrid and terminalio.Terminal.


Returns the maximum bounds of all glyphs in the font in a tuple of two values: width, height.

get_glyph(self, codepoint: int)

Returns a fontio.Glyph for the given codepoint or None if no glyph is available.

class fontio.Glyph(bitmap: displayio.Bitmap, tile_index: int, width: int, height: int, dx: int, dy: int, shift_x: int, shift_y: int)

Storage of glyph info

Named tuple used to capture a single glyph and its attributes.

  • bitmap – the bitmap including the glyph
  • tile_index – the tile index within the bitmap
  • width – the width of the glyph’s bitmap
  • height – the height of the glyph’s bitmap
  • dx – x adjustment to the bitmap’s position
  • dy – y adjustment to the bitmap’s position
  • shift_x – the x difference to the next glyph
  • shift_y – the y difference to the next glyph