neopixel_write – Low-level neopixel implementation

The neopixel_write module contains a helper method to write out bytes in the 800khz neopixel protocol.

For example, to turn off a single neopixel (like the status pixel on Express boards.)

import board
import neopixel_write
import digitalio

pin = digitalio.DigitalInOut(board.NEOPIXEL)
pin.direction = digitalio.Direction.OUTPUT
pixel_off = bytearray([0, 0, 0])
neopixel_write.neopixel_write(pin, pixel_off)
neopixel_write.neopixel_write(digitalinout: digitalio.DigitalInOut, buf: _typing.ReadableBuffer)None

Write buf out on the given DigitalInOut.

  • digitalinout (DigitalInOut) – the DigitalInOut to output with

  • buf (ReadableBuffer) – The bytes to clock out. No assumption is made about color order