The ipaddress module provides types for IP addresses. It is a subset of CPython’s ipaddress module.

Available on these boards
  • ATMegaZero ESP32-S2
  • Adafruit FunHouse
  • Adafruit MagTag
  • Adafruit Metro ESP32S2
  • Artisense Reference Design RD00
  • BastWiFi
  • CrumpS2
  • ESP 12k NodeMCU
  • Feather ESP32S2 without PSRAM
  • FeatherS2
  • FeatherS2 Neo
  • FeatherS2 PreRelease
  • Franzininho WIFI w/Wroom
  • Franzininho WIFI w/Wrover
  • Gravitech Cucumber M
  • Gravitech Cucumber MS
  • Gravitech Cucumber R
  • Gravitech Cucumber RS
  • HMI-DevKit-1.1
  • Kaluga 1
  • LILYGO TTGO T8 ESP32-S2 w/Display
  • MORPHEANS MorphESP-240
  • Oak Dev Tech PixelWing ESP32S2
  • S2Mini
  • Saola 1 w/Wroom
  • Saola 1 w/Wrover
  • Targett Module Clip w/Wroom
  • Targett Module Clip w/Wrover
  • TinyS2
  • microS2
  • nanoESP32-S2 w/Wrover
  • nanoESP32-S2 w/Wroom

ipaddress.ip_address(obj: Union[int, str])IPv4Address

Return a corresponding IP address object or raise ValueError if not possible.

class ipaddress.IPv4Address(address: Union[int, str, bytes])

Encapsulates an IPv4 address.

Create a new IPv4Address object encapsulating the address value.

The value itself can either be bytes or a string formatted address.

packed :bytes

The bytes that make up the address (read-only).

version :int

4 for IPv4, 6 for IPv6

__eq__(self, other: object)bool

Two Address objects are equal if their addresses and address types are equal.


Returns a hash for the IPv4Address data.