Python Module Index

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_bleio (nRF) Bluetooth Low Energy functionality
_pew (SAMD21) LED matrix driver
_pixelbuf A fast RGB(W) pixel buffer library for like NeoPixel and DotStar.
_stage (SAMD21) C-level helpers for animation of sprites on a stage
analogio (SAMD21, ESP8266) Analog hardware support
array efficient arrays of numeric data
audiobusio (SAMD21) Support for audio input and output over digital bus
audiocore (SAMD21) Support for audio samples and mixer
audioio (SAMD21) Support for audio input and output
audiomixer Support for audio mixer
audiomp3 Support for mp3 files
audiopwmio (NRF52) Support for audio output via digital PWM
binascii binary/ASCII conversions
bitbangio (SAMD21, ESP8266) Digital protocols implemented by the CPU
board Board specific pin names
btree simple BTree database
busio (SAMD21) Hardware accelerated behavior
collections collection and container types
digitalio (SAMD21, ESP8266) Basic digital pin support
displayio (SAMD21, SAMD51, nRF52) Native helpers for driving displays
esp functions related to the ESP8266
fontio (SAMD21, SAMD51, nRF52) Core font related data structures
framebuf Frame buffer manipulation
frequencyio (SAMD51) Support for frequency based protocols
gamepad (SAMD21) Button handling
gamepadshift (SAMD21, SAMD51) Tracks button presses read through a shift register
gc control the garbage collector
hashlib hashing algorithms
i2cslave (SAMD21, SAMD51) Two wire serial protocol slave
math (SAMD21/SAMD51) mathematical functions
microcontroller (SAMD21, ESP8266) Pin references and core functionality (SAMD21) Microcontroller pin names
micropython access and control MicroPython internals
multiterminal (ESP8266) Manage additional terminal sources
neopixel_write (SAMD21) Low-level neopixel implementation
network (SAMD) Network Interface Management
nvm (SAMD21) Non-volatile memory
os (SAMD21) functions that an OS normally provides
ps2io (SAMD21) Support for PS/2 based devices
pulseio (SAMD21, ESP8266) Support for pulse based protocols
random (SAMD21, ESP8266) pseudo-random numbers and choices
rotaryio (SAMD) Support for reading rotation sensors
rtc (SAMD21, SAMD51, nRF52) Real Time Clock
samd (SAMD21) SAMD implementation settings
    samd.clock (SAMD21) samd clock names
socket (SAMD21, SAMD51) TCP, UDP and RAW sockets
storage (SAMD21, SAMD51) storage management
struct (SAMD21) byte data control
supervisor (SAMD21/51 (All), nRF (Runtime only)) Supervisor settings
sys system specific functions
terminalio Displays text in a TileGrid
time (SAMD21) time and timing related functions
touchio (SAMD21) Hardware accelerated behavior
uctypes access binary data in a structured way
uerrno system error codes
uheap Heap size analysis
uheapq heap queue algorithm
uio input/output streams
ujson JSON encoding and decoding
ure regular expressions
usb_hid (SAMD21) USB Human Interface Device
usb_midi MIDI over USB
uselect wait for events on a set of streams
usocket socket module
ussl TLS/SSL wrapper for socket objects
ustack stack information functions
uzlib zlib decompression
wiznet (SAMD) Support for WizNet hardware