msgpack – Pack object in msgpack format

The msgpack format is similar to json, except that the encoded data is binary. See for details. The module implements a subset of the cpython module msgpack-python.

Not implemented: 64-bit int, uint, float.

Example 1:

import msgpack
from io import BytesIO

b = BytesIO()
msgpack.pack({'list': [True, False, None, 1, 3.14], 'str': 'blah'}, b)

Example 2: handling objects:

from msgpack import pack, unpack, ExtType
from io import BytesIO

class MyClass:
    def __init__(self, val):
        self.value = val
    def __str__(self):
        return str(self.value)

data = MyClass(b'my_value')

def encoder(obj):
    if isinstance(obj, MyClass):
        return ExtType(1, obj.value)
    return f"no encoder for {obj}"

def decoder(code, data):
    if code == 1:
        return MyClass(data)
    return f"no decoder for type {code}"

buffer = BytesIO()
pack(data, buffer, default=encoder)
decoded = unpack(buffer, ext_hook=decoder)
print(f"{data} -> {buffer.getvalue()} -> {decoded}")
msgpack.pack(obj: object, buffer: _typing.WriteableBuffer, *, default: Union[Callable[[object], None], None] = None)None

Ouput object to buffer in msgpack format.

  • obj (object) – Object to convert to msgpack format.

  • buffer (WriteableBuffer) – buffer to write into

  • None]] default (Optional[Callable[[object],) – function called for python objects that do not have a representation in msgpack format.

msgpack.unpack(buffer: _typing.ReadableBuffer, *, ext_hook: Union[Callable[[int, bytes], object], None] = None, use_list: bool = True)object

Unpack and return one object from buffer.

  • buffer (ReadableBuffer) – buffer to read from

  • bytes], object]] ext_hook (Optional[Callable[[int,) – function called for objects in msgpack ext format.

  • use_list (Optional[bool]) – return array as list or tuple (use_list=False).

Return object

object read from buffer.

class msgpack.ExtType(code: int, data: bytes)

ExtType represents ext type in msgpack.

Constructor :param int code: type code in range 0~127. :param bytes data: representation.

code :int

The type code, in range 0~127.

data :bytes