WIZNET5K – wrapper for Wiznet 5500 Ethernet interface

class wiznet.WIZNET5K(spi, cs, rst, dhcp=True)

Create a new WIZNET5500 interface using the specified pins

  • spi (SPI) – spi bus to use
  • cs (Pin) – pin to use for Chip Select
  • rst (Pin) – pin to use for Reset (optional)
  • dhcp (bool) – boolean flag, whether to start DHCP automatically (optional, keyword only, default True)
  • The reset pin is optional: if supplied it is used to reset the wiznet board before initialization.
  • The SPI bus will be initialized appropriately by this library.
  • At present, the WIZNET5K object is a singleton, so only one WizNet interface is supported at a time.

(boolean, readonly) is this device physically connected?


(boolean, readwrite) is DHCP active on this device?

  • set to True to activate DHCP, False to turn it off

Called without parameters, returns a tuple of (ip_address, subnet_mask, gateway_address, dns_server)

Or can be called with the same tuple to set those parameters. Setting ifconfig parameters turns DHCP off, if it was on.