adafruit_amg88xx - AMG88xx GRID-Eye IR 8x8 IR sensor

This library supports the use of the AMG88xx in CircuitPython.

Author(s): Dean Miller, Scott Shawcroft for Adafruit Industries. Date: June 2017 Affiliation: Adafruit Industries

Implementation Notes


Software and Dependencies: * Adafruit CircuitPython: * Adafruit’s Register library: * Adafruit’s Bus Device library:


class adafruit_amg88xx.AMG88XX(i2c, addr=105)[source]

Driver for the AMG88xx GRID-Eye IR 8x8 thermal camera.


Temperature of each pixel across the sensor in Celsius.

Temperatures are stored in a two dimensional list where the first index is the row and the second is the column. The first row is on the side closest to the writing on the sensor.


Temperature of the sensor in Celsius