A thermistor is a resistor that varies with temperature. This driver takes the parameters of that resistor and its series resistor to determine the current temperature. To hook one up, connect an analog input pin to the connection between the resistor and the thermistor. Be careful to note if the thermistor is connected on the high side (from analog input up to high logic level/3.3 or 5 volts) or low side (from analog input down to ground). The initializer takes an optional high_side boolean that defaults to True and indicates if that the thermistor is connected on the high side vs. low side.

  • Author(s): Scott Shawcroft

Implementation Notes


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  1. Check the datasheet of your thermistor for the values.
class adafruit_thermistor.Thermistor(pin, series_resistor, nominal_resistance, nominal_temperature, b_coefficient, *, high_side=True)[source]

Thermistor driver


The temperature of the thermistor in celsius