VC0706 serial TTL camera module. Allows basic image capture and download of image data from the camera over a serial connection. See examples for demo of saving image to a SD card (must be wired up separately).

  • Author(s): Tony DiCola

Implementation Notes


Software and Dependencies:

class adafruit_vc0706.VC0706(uart, *, buffer_size=100)[source]

Driver for VC0706 serial TTL camera module. :param ~busio.UART uart: uart serial or compatible interface :param int buffer_size: Receive buffer size


Return the currently configured baud rate.


Return the length in bytes of the currently capture frame/picture.


Get the current image size, will return a value of IMAGE_SIZE_640x480, IMAGE_SIZE_320x240, or IMAGE_SIZE_160x120.


Read the next bytes of frame/picture data into the provided buffer. Returns the number of bytes written to the buffer (might be less than the size of the buffer). Buffer MUST be a multiple of 4 and 100 or less. Suggested buffer size is 32.


Tell the camera to resume being a camera after the video has stopped (Such as what happens when a picture is taken).


Tell the camera to take a picture. Returns True if successful.


Return camera version byte string.