CircuitPython library to support VEML6075 UVA & UVB sensor.

  • Author(s): ladyada

Implementation Notes


Software and Dependencies:

class adafruit_veml6075.VEML6075(i2c_bus, *, integration_time=50, high_dynamic=True, uva_a_coef=2.22, uva_b_coef=1.33, uvb_c_coef=2.95, uvb_d_coef=1.74, uva_response=0.001461, uvb_response=0.002591)

Driver base for the VEML6075 UV Light Sensor :param i2c_bus: The busio.I2C object to use. This is the only required parameter. :param int integration_time: The integration time you’d like to set initially. Availble options - each in milliseconds: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800. The higher the ‘_x_’ value, the more accurate the reading is (at the cost of less samples per reading). Defaults to 100ms if parameter not passed. To change setting after intialization, use [veml6075].integration_time = new_it_value. :param bool high_dynamic: whether to put sensor in ‘high dynamic setting’ mode :param float uva_a_coef: the UVA visible coefficient :param float uva_b_coef: the UVA IR coefficient :param float uvb_c_coef: the UVB visible coefficient :param float uvb_d_coef: the UVB IR coefficient :param float uva_response: the UVA responsivity :param float uvb_response: the UVA responsivity


The amount of time the VEML is sampling data for, in millis. Valid times are 50, 100, 200, 400 or 800ms


The calculated UV Index


The calibrated UVA reading, in ‘counts’ over the sample period


The calibrated UVB reading, in ‘counts’ over the sample period