math – mathematical functions

The math module provides some basic mathematical functions for working with floating-point numbers.

math.e :float

base of the natural logarithm

math.pi :float

the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter

math.acos(x: float)float

Return the inverse cosine of x.

math.asin(x: float)float

Return the inverse sine of x.

math.atan(x: float)float

Return the inverse tangent of x.

math.atan2(y: float, x: float)float

Return the principal value of the inverse tangent of y/x.

math.ceil(x: float)int

Return an integer, being x rounded towards positive infinity.

math.copysign(x: float, y: float)float

Return x with the sign of y.

math.cos(x: float)float

Return the cosine of x.

math.degrees(x: float)float

Return radians x converted to degrees.

math.exp(x: float)float

Return the exponential of x.

math.fabs(x: float)float

Return the absolute value of x.

math.floor(x: float)int

Return an integer, being x rounded towards negative infinity.

math.fmod(x: float, y: float)int

Return the remainder of x/y.

math.frexp(x: float)Tuple[int, int]

Decomposes a floating-point number into its mantissa and exponent. The returned value is the tuple (m, e) such that x == m * 2**e exactly. If x == 0 then the function returns (0.0, 0), otherwise the relation 0.5 <= abs(m) < 1 holds.

math.isfinite(x: float)bool

Return True if x is finite.

math.isinf(x: float)bool

Return True if x is infinite.

math.isnan(x: float)bool

Return True if x is not-a-number

math.ldexp(x: float, exp: float)float

Return x * (2**exp).

math.modf(x: float)Tuple[float, float]

Return a tuple of two floats, being the fractional and integral parts of x. Both return values have the same sign as x.

math.pow(x: float, y: float)float

Returns x to the power of y.

math.radians(x: float)float

Return degrees x converted to radians.

math.sin(x: float)float

Return the sine of x.

math.sqrt(x: float)float

Returns the square root of x.

math.tan(x: float)float

Return the tangent of x.

math.trunc(x: float)int

Return an integer, being x rounded towards 0.

math.expm1(x: float)float

Return exp(x) - 1.

math.log2(x: float)float

Return the base-2 logarithm of x.

math.log10(x: float)float

Return the base-10 logarithm of x.

math.cosh(x: float)float

Return the hyperbolic cosine of x.

math.sinh(x: float)float

Return the hyperbolic sine of x.

math.tanh(x: float)float

Return the hyperbolic tangent of x.

math.acosh(x: float)float

Return the inverse hyperbolic cosine of x.

math.asinh(x: float)float

Return the inverse hyperbolic sine of x.

math.atanh(x: float)float

Return the inverse hyperbolic tangent of x.

math.erf(x: float)float

Return the error function of x.

math.erfc(x: float)float

Return the complementary error function of x.

math.gamma(x: float)float

Return the gamma function of x.

math.lgamma(x: float)float

Return the natural logarithm of the gamma function of x.