Low-level routines for bitbanged LED matrices

class rgbmatrix.RGBMatrix(*, width: int, bit_depth: int, rgb_pins: Sequence[digitalio.DigitalInOut], addr_pins: List[digitalio.DigitalInOut], clock_pin: digitalio.DigitalInOut, latch_pin: digitalio.DigitalInOut, output_enable_pin: digitalio.DigitalInOut, doublebuffer: bool = True, framebuffer: Optional[WriteableBuffer] = None, height: int = 0)

Displays an in-memory framebuffer to a HUB75-style RGB LED matrix.

brightness :float

In the current implementation, 0.0 turns the display off entirely and any other value up to 1.0 turns the display on fully.

width :int

The width of the display, in pixels

height :int

The height of the display, in pixels


Free the resources (pins, timers, etc.) associated with this rgbmatrix instance. After deinitialization, no further operations may be performed.


Transmits the color data in the buffer to the pixels so that they are shown.