Supervisor settings

supervisor.runtime :Runtime

Runtime information, such as runtime.serial_connected (USB serial connection status). This object is the sole instance of supervisor.Runtime.

supervisor.enable_autoreload(self) → None

Enable autoreload based on USB file write activity.

supervisor.disable_autoreload(self) → None

Disable autoreload based on USB file write activity until enable_autoreload is called.

supervisor.set_rgb_status_brightness(self, brightness: int) → None

Set brightness of status neopixel from 0-255 set_rgb_status_brightness is called.

supervisor.reload(self) → None

Reload the main Python code and run it (equivalent to hitting Ctrl-D at the REPL).

supervisor.set_next_stack_limit(self, size: int) → None

Set the size of the stack for the next vm run. If its too large, the default will be used.

class supervisor.Runtime

Current status of runtime objects.


import supervisor
if supervisor.runtime.serial_connected:
    print("Hello World!")
serial_connected :bool

Returns the USB serial communication status (read-only).


SAMD: Will return True if the USB serial connection has been established at any point. Will not reset if USB is disconnected but power remains (e.g. battery connected)

serial_bytes_available :int

Returns the whether any bytes are available to read on the USB serial input. Allows for polling to see whether to call the built-in input() or wait. (read-only)